Radiofrequency (3DEEP)

Radio frequency (3DEEP)

Radiofrequency Treatment (3DEEP)

Endymed controls the power and depth of Radiofrequency (RF) energy delivered to the skin in a more controlled manner than other equipment.

Combining 3DEEP RF focused energy with the special ergonomic design, it offers nearly twice the energy of other RF handpieces of similar size. Among others, it maintains the heat in the tissue for a longer time after the end of the treatment, thus providing an extremely effective heating depth.

3DEEP offers:

More power, shorter treatments and up to 50% faster.

Reaches and maintains the highest temperature in the tissue for optimal collagen remodeling.

Provides superior volumetric heating, with the deepest average heating depth.

Endymed 3deep

Endymed RF 3 Deep™, the third generation of radiofrequency, is especially indicated for the treatment of facial and body flaccidity, since the emitted energy acts in a focused, controlled manner, contained in the areas to be treated and also allows treatments to be carried out. nonablative and fractional ablative.

Its operation consists in selecting the intensity of the initial emission, which gradually heats the tissues. Once the skin surface reaches 40º C, deep heating is produced that is completely safe for the skin, since no sudden energy spikes are emitted and the handpiece also automatically adjusts the energy emission based on impedance. of the treated tissue.


3DEEP uses a multi-electrode array and a sophisticated algorithm that manipulates the current phase between each pair of electrodes. The multiple electrical fields created repel each other, giving rise to the ideal combination of energy directed to the deeper layers of the skin.

3DEEP delivers controlled heat energy to the dermis and hypodermis: the unique delivery mode minimizes the risk on the skin’s surface, generating a tightening and regenerative effect in just a few sessions.


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