Newsletter N° 1 – 360 NEW Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine

Newsletter N° 1 360 NEW - March 15, 2023.


Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine is the medical-surgical practice that applies the necessary techniques for restoration, maintenance and promotion of aesthetics, health and well-being.

The objectives of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine include:

  • Treat states of general discomfort as a consequence of physiological aging.
  • Promotion of healthy longevity.
  • Obtain an optimal state of health: physical and mental well-being and improve the quality of life.
  • Prevention and treatment of all types of alteration or aesthetic pathology.
  • Application of techniques to improve aesthetics.

The objectives of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine go hand in hand with the objectives of medicine according to the World Health Organization:

  • Treatment and prevention of disease, and promotion of health.

Since ancient times, techniques have been applied for the maintenance and promotion of feminine and masculine aesthetics. During the first decades of the 20th century, a series of factors combined to initiate aesthetic and anti-aging medicine:

  • The techniques related to aesthetics are becoming more and more complicated and require knowledge, both of their technical bases and of their clinical application, which can only be properly possessed by a Graduate in Medicine, with specific training in this field.
  • Raising the standard of living, which makes a large part of the population request aesthetic care, especially requiring qualified professionals.
  • The increase in longevity provides a clinical basis of enormous importance, as the number of people affected by aesthetic pathology increases.

Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine began to be organized internationally with the constitution of the French Society of Aesthetic Medicine, whose promoter and first president was Dr. Jean Jacques Legrand. Subsequently, various national societies were founded. Soon the International Union of Societies of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME) was established, which brings together the recognized national societies. Almost all of them organize an annual congress, and many of them hold regular conferences or meetings.

Content of Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine

We mention the main processes that are treated in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine:

  • Skin Aesthetic Medicine
  • Body aesthetic medicine
  • Genital aesthetics

Specific diagnostic and treatment techniques

Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine uses all the diagnostic techniques of medicine in general, especially a good complete clinical history and specifically some diagnostic techniques, such as anthropometry, ultrasound, dermoscopy and psychological profile of the patient, are essential to indicate the correct treatment and manage The expectations.

As for the therapeutic techniques used, they are very varied. All the techniques used must be validated by the scientific community, by agencies dependent on administrations. In the case of procedures that require some type of device, these must be duly authorized and approved. If medical devices or medicines are used, they must be authorized by the competent health authority and used according to the conditions contained in their technical data sheet.

To culminate, Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine does not claim the exclusivity of the treatment of these conditions, but the fact that the professionals who practice it have the necessary training to focus their treatment from a comprehensive medical-aesthetic point of view, attending both to the healing or improvement of the process, as well as paying special attention to the aesthetic aspects that the evolution of the process and its treatment entail.

New services:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Hand rejuvenation
  • Mole removal
  • Hydrofacial

Aesthetic medicine services