To be leaders in preventive health and comprehensive wellness. Staying at the forefront with new approaches and comprehensive services to provide lasting results for our clients and friends.

Clínica en Escazú
Escenario post COVID-19

Our Team

A world class wellness clinic for differentiated medicine.
Our clients have the support of an outstanding team of professionals in cardiology, gynecology, physiotherapy, nutrition, physical exercise, preventive medicine, psychology, regenerative medicine, among others.
Our multidisciplinary team of experts will carefully customize a health program based on your needs to achieve your specific health and wellness goals.

Our Services

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Ginecología Escazú HOPE 360 Clínica Tratamietno


Our Health Center offers a totally safe environment with the accompaniment of specialists and with minimally invasive equipment for the total comfort of the patient.


We have the most advanced methods and technology for preventing premature ageing or reversing some skin degenerative symptoms.

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Our approach includes therapeutic sessions that facilitate emotional relief and balance, creative activities, group dynamics, etc.
Nutrición en Escazú


Eating healthy foods will help reduce heart attacks, blood pressure values, and strokes.

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Rehabilitación física, cardiaca, COVID en Clínica HOPE 360 Escazú impartido por Profesionales de Salud Certificados.

Physical, cardiac and post-COVID rehabilitation.

Optimal state is crucial to respond appropriately to the threat of COVID-19 and many other diseases.